Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trash the Dress

I love having a best friend who is game for any crazy photo-op idea that I come up with! Her husband on the other hand doesn't feel the same about my crazy ideas! He just thinks we're plan crazy :) Thank you Ryan for being such a trooper! And thank you Kimmy for letting us "Trash" your beautiful wedding dress. 3 years you two have been married and these could have been on your actual wedding day, still so in love. Enjoy my very first "Trash the Dress" session in beautiful Newport Beach Bay.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Behrend Family

This was such an awesome way to end our vacation to Pismo Beach this year! Photographing our best friends and their beautiful loving family. I can't get enough of these kids. Willie and B are two of my favorites. Such happy and fun kids to be around. It was a gorgeous sunset in Pismo and much cooler weather than this evil heat we have Palm Springs during the summer. After an amazing photo shoot on the beach we all went to Giuseppe's to enjoy a fabulous Italian dinner on our last night. Thanks for another great Pismo trip and being such beautiful models! Love you guys!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kayla Turns 1

This little girl is so much fun to take pictures of. You really can't get a bad picture of her. Every single one is adorable. We spent the day at Kayla's Grandma Joline's in her gorgeous backyard and just followed Kayla around while she played and played. Happy 1st Birthday Kayla!

Happy Birthday Kayla!

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Baby Marin's 1st Photo Shoot

A great ending to a great weekend with family. Saturday my cousin Julie got married and Sunday we all gathered for brunch and then Sunde, Kevin, Marin and I snuck off for a quick photo shoot. She is a cutie, and I'm not just saying that because she's family. She decided that her feet were the most interesting thing in the world that day so she really wasn't into looking at the camera but I still managed to get some great shots!

I think she had had enough of the flashy thing in her face :)

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Lathrop Family Photos

We did it FINALLY! After rescheduling and rescheduling we finally made everyones schedule work and had a fabulous family photo shoot on location at the Lathrop's beautiful new home! Thankfully it was before Spencer turned 18. Lol. Matt and Krystal have a great story of being high school sweethearts and drifiting apart and then finding their way back together. After a romantic ice rink engagement, where they met years before, and an over the top gorgeous wedding, their family recently welcomed baby Spencer! Congratulations guys! Matt, Krystal, Spencer and Lily thank you for allowing me to photograph your family. It was alot of fun! xo

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