Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Potters Family Photos

Another beautiful day at Palm Desert park! The Potter's are a beautiful, fun family and it shows in their pictures! Heather knew exactly what she wanted and that made things go so smoothly! Their girls have so much personality and spunk! I loved it!

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Kaden's Christmas Photos - 6 Months

This was one of the first photo shoots of the Christmas card picture season! It has been very busy, so let's catch up. This is Keri & Kevin Johnson's adorable little guy, Kaden. He is such a flirt and has such an adorable smile. Can't wait for the next round with the whole family. Thanks guys, it was a fun day!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Citrus Club Event- Novemeber 21, 2009

Well the good news is I have been super busy. The bad news is because of that, I have been lacking on my updating skills so allow me to show you what I have been working on these last few weeks starting with the Citrus Club season opening event. This was a beautiful venue and a very creative themed party. It was a 1940's theme. I shot the event that evening and also got to do some staged shots for the website with models dressed in 1940's style clothes. Here they are, check them out for yourself:

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